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Pg 1: Cancellation policy

Pg 2: Verification FORM

Life can interrupt with even the best laid plans. please respect my time to remain in good standing

Should you need to modify our schedule, I’ll do my best to accommodate changes within reason.

If we're unable to align our calendars within 7 days it will be considered a last minute cancellation.




  • More than 48 hrs: Subject to a $200 rebooking fee 

  • Within 48 hrs of appt:  50% of expected donation

  • Within 24 hrs of appt:  100% of expected donation

 If you cancel twice in a row, you will be required to make full donations in advance.


Failure to comply with my cancellation policy will result in your information being reported to

the national blacklist database & all other available client verification resources.


Let me know where you found my advertisement

I look forward to meeting you!

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