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Life can interrupt with even the best laid plans & no one likes to pay for things they

didn't get to enjoy...please demonstrate respect for me and my time

Should you need to re-schedule, I’ll do my best to accommodate you

Understand, it is not easy to fill time on short notice:

  • I try not to cold call my clients in the interest of discretion

  • most of my business is pre-booked well in advance & my beauty professionals are too

  • If you are unsure of your schedule we suggest prepaying in full to utilize as a credit (as an added bonus - take advantage of prepayment discounts)

  • Prepaid funds are always held as a credit for 6 months


If we are unable to find another time/day within a week or so:

- More than 48 hours prior: $200 rebooking fee

- Within 48 hrs of appt: 50% of the expected donation

- Within 24 hrs of appt: 100% of the expected donation 

 If you cancel twice in a row, you will be required to make full donations in advance


Any failure to comply with my cancellation policy will result in your information being provided/reported to the national blacklist & any other available client verification resources.

I also distribute a monthly digest of all bad client behavior to my entire provider database.

Let me know where you found my advertisement

I look forward to meeting you!


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