1. Rates are not negotiable. Please leave the donation in plain view at the beginning of our time together. Additionally, please confirm donation amount if a non-traditional session has been requested.
2. Excellent personal hygiene is a must. There is always a shower  and male toiletries available for you to use at the beginning and end of our session should you need it. If you are unsure if you need a rinse, I always say "Better safe than sorry"
3. Please use some common sense when making special requests. Nothing is more telling when I am out in public in the heat of an Arizona summer wearing pantyhose and/or high heels during the day. Please take weather/geography into consideration when making your wardrobe requests.
Tip: If you have specific wardrobe request...why not purchase it special for me? Ladies LOVE gifts.
**Inquire for dress/lingerie/shoe sizes**
4. Please do not overstay your time. Please do not wait for me to tell you your time is up. If you are interested in staying longer than the time we originally scheduled, please ask me. If I am available to spend extra time with you, I will let you know. Also you must adjust your donation accordingly.
6. I am not available for dates "off the clock" nor am I available to "hang out" during my free time. THIS INCLUDES HAVING A MEAL OR A DRINK WITH YOU. If you would like to share a meal with me, please schedule a brunch, lunch or dinner date.
7. Please try your best to be on time for your appointment. I may have obligations of my own after we meet. If you are running late, please call me. If you need to cancel our appointment, please do so as quickly as you can to avoid paying a cancellation fee.

"Better good manners than good looks."

~ Irish Proverb